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Pyrola incarnata (Red wintergreen, Benibana ichiyaku-so)

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Benibana ichiyaku-so is an evergreen perennial that grows in clusters beneath forests of Japanese larch or birch.

The plant has traditionally been used in folk medicine. The juice squeezed from the leaves is used to treat cuts, bruises, and other external wounds, and the plant itself is added to bath water to keep the body warm after getting out. 

Decoctions from the plant also have a diuretic effect and are good for beriberi and swelling.

The plant is particularly beautiful when in bloom, with pink flowers. It also has unique leaves that add charm to a landscape or natural style garden.

Unlike ichiyaku-so (Pyrola japonica or wintergreen), this plant grows taller and produces pink flowers with a protruding pistil.


Tips for growing benibana ichiyaku-so

Benibana ichiyaku-so grows wild under trees in forests and prefers partial shade. Spots with full or partial shade are suitable for the plant.

A humus-rich soil with good water retention, preferably acidic, is best.    

Water generously every day to keep the soil moist, especially during the summer months when the soil tends to dry out

Prune the plant in spring and fall to control its growth and keep it in good shape. 

Add an organic fertilizer in these times to provide nutrients.

  • Easy to Grow★★★★★/span>
  • Height at DeliveryAbout 15-20 cm
  • Scientific NamePyrola asarifolia subsp. incarnata
  • Family Pyrolaceae
  • Common NameBenibana ichiyaku-so
  • Flower ColorPink
  • Flowering PeriodMay to June
  • Sun ExposurePartial shade
  • WaterDaily in abundance
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