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[Subscription Product] Seasonal Tea Flowers

Seasonal tea flowers will be
sent regularly with roots still attached.
You can use them as cut flowers or foliage
depending on your preference.

Our Thoughts

We, Oomi Teien, are a company that carries on the art of Japanese landscaping. We use techniques that have been handed down over the years, from garden design and stone placement to tree pruning methods and moss selection. This has been firmly passed down by Hiroshi Terashita, who studied under the master gardener Saichi Kojima in Kyoto. Today, all staff members are "garden masters" and take pride in their work, even in the smallest technique.

Japanese gardening has a long history. In Japan, it was first thought that nature was not to be controlled, but to live by its power. Gardens have also been created according to this idea. When the power of nature resides in a garden, the four seasons are born, the wind blows, and the sun shimmers through the trees. The reason why Oomi Teien uses trees from the mountains is to bring the power of nature into the garden.

This style of rewilding (re-naturalization) is a way of advancing this concept to fit modern life. Oomi Teien hopes to increase the number of healthy, mixed-tree gardens and create sustainable gardens and places that are connected to nature.

And it is the tea ceremony that is rooted in the culture of our daily lives, a culture that we feel is a mission to pass on to others through our gardens. As we came into deeper contact with this culture, we wondered if our idea of REWILDING could help pass on the Japanese culture of the tea ceremony.

「Like flowers in a field」

So, Sen no Rikyu taught about flowers at the tea ceremony.

We do not provide cut flowers, but send them with the roots attached. After the flowers and leaves are cut off, the roots are returned to us, and we grow them again from scratch. In this way, we respect the cycle of nature and hope to fulfill our role with the help of nature.

About the Regular Delivery Service

Seasonal Tea Flowers

This is a reference of the seasonal tea flowers delivered in each month.


Spike Winter Hazel


Japanese Cornelian-Cherry Tree


Wild Cherry Blossoms




Rabbit-Ear Iris


Mountain Hydrangea


Matsumoto Senou


Rose of Sharon


Tricyrtis Macrantha


Crimson Foliage


White Camellia