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About Wildflowers (Sanyasou)

September 9, 2021
Author: Yuichiro Hiraki
Reading time: 1 min

Japan is rich in nature, and there are many flowers and plants that herald the coming of the four seasons. These flowers are called wildflowers (Sanyaso), and they are plants, trees and shrubs that grow wild in high mountains and village forests.

Many wildflowers are rarely seen in ordinary garden stores or flower shops. Unlike the gorgeous horticultural varieties of flowers, wildflowers are characterized by their delicate and pretty appearance.

They look just like the grass and flowers we used to find in the fields and footpaths when we were children. The plucked flowers are arranged in vases and pots, and we enjoy the expression of the flowers.

Grasses and flowers change throughout the four seasons, with young leaves sprouting in the spring, flowers blooming and bearing fruit, and leaves falling in the winter. They remind us of the changing of the seasons. Wildflowers have long been a part of our daily lives to enjoy the four seasons. Omi Teien online shop proposes a life with enrichment by incorporating the four seasons into our daily lives.

We offer carefully selected wildflowers by “garden professionals” with a wealth of knowledge cultivated through various garden projects.