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Camellia wabisuke (Wabisuke camellia or shiro wabisuke)

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Produces small flowers that consist of a tubular lower half and a trumpet-shaped upper half. These plants feature degenerated stamen filaments with no anthers and an ovary covered by hairs. A major camellia variety cherished as a flower suited to Japanese tea ceremony rooms because of its modest appearance. Produces white single-layered flowers.

  • Easy to Grow★★★★★
  • Height at DeliveryAbout 40-45 cm
  • Scientific NameCamellia wabisuke. var. campanulata f. bicolor /span>
  • FamilyTheaceae
  • Common Name White wabisuke camellia, shiro-wabisuke
  • Flower ColorWhite
  • Flowering Period:December to March
  • Sun ExposureFull sun to partial shade
  • WaterDaily and in abundance
When you purchase wildflowers, flower pots and moss are available as additional options.