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Alkekengi officinarum var. franchetii (Chinese lantern, hozuki)

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A variety long-loved for its attractive, reddish, lantern-shaped husks.

After flowering, the plant bears green fruit, which is enclosed in green husks.

These husks take on a lantern shape and begin to turn reddish orange around August, making them a popular ornamental.

  • Easy to Grow★★★★★
  • Height at DeliveryAbout 25-30 cm
  • Scientific NameAlkekengi officinarum var. franchetii /span>
  • FamilySolanaceae/span>
  • Common NamesChinese lantern, strawberry groundcherry, winter cherry, hozuki, kagachi, nukazuki
  • Flower ColorWhite
  • Flowering PeriodMay to the end of June
  • Sun ExposureFull sun to partial shade
  • WaterDaily and in abundance
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