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Polypodium formosanum (Caterpillar fern, Taiwan sekka aonekazura)

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Epiphytic ferns of the Polypodiaceae family. 

These plants feature beautiful, bright blue-green rhizomes, along with soft leaves.

These evergreen plants, whose fronds remain green even in winter, delight the eye with their greenery throughout the year.

  • 育てやすさ★★★☆☆
  • お届け時の大きさ15〜25cm程度
  • 学名Polypodium formosanum
  • ウラボシ科
  • 別名
  • 花色
  • 花時期
  • 日照半日陰・直射日光を当てない
  • 毎日たっぷり・多湿注意
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