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Cyclamen coum ‘Silver Leaf’  (Red eastern snowbread, akabana silverleaf)

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A wild ancestor of Cyclamen persicum, or Persian cyclamen, which is found in eastern Europe, Turkey and other countries in the Middle East.

A small cyclamen with dainty, deep-pink flowers that set off a garden beautifully.

This variety is treasured in winter gardens as it blooms when other plants are flowerless.

These plants can be grown in the ground. Water them with care as the plants go dormant in summer.

  • 育てやすさ★★☆☆☆
  • お届け時の大きさ10〜15cm程度
  • 学名Cyclamen coum 'Silver Leaf'
  • サクラソウ科
  • 別名
  • 花色桃色
  • 花時期12~3月
  • 日照半日陰
  • 毎日たっぷり
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