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Camellia japonica ‘Robiraki’

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A cross between Camellia japonica (yabu tsubaki) and C. sinensis (tea, or cha).

The cultivar name ‘Robiraki’ derives from how the plant’s flowering period coincides with the beginning of colder months, when summertime furo braziers are replaced with ro sunken hearths for the season in Japanese tea ceremonies.

  • Easy to Grow★★★★★
  • Height at DeliveryAbout 40 cm
  • Scientific NameCamellia japonica ‘Robiraki’
  • FamilyTheaceae
  • Common NameCamellia ‘Robiraki’
  • Flower ColorPink
  • Flowering Period November to March
  • Sun ExposureFull sun to partial shade
  • WaterDaily and in abundance
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