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Aster rugulosus (Sawa shirogiku)

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As suggested by its Japanese name, sawa shirogiku (meaning “white-flowered aster of mountain streams”), this chrysanthemum grows wild by the water’s edge, such as along mountain streams and in wetlands. Growing in such unique environments gives the aster a distinctive natural beauty. It produces pale, reddish purple flowers that are at first white at the center, before the center also turns reddish purple.


Tips for growing sawa shirogiku


As sawa shirogiku grow by water, they like moisture. So, when growing this aster, make sure the soil can retain moisture well and that it stays somewhat moist. 

Sites with partial to full shade are good choices for reproducing the plant’s natural habitat. Avoid strong sun to keep the flower colors vibrant.


Poor drainage can increase the risk of root rot. Make sure the soil drains well and keep water from puddling at the base of the plant. Once it has flowered, prune back dead parts to encourage flower buds for the next flowering season. Also remember to remove undesirable parts as necessary for healthy leaf and stem growth.


― Changing colors to enhance tearooms ―


The flower’s colors, which gradually change from white to red, add seasonal elegance.

Sawa shirogiku symbolize “compassion,” “respect,” and “effort” in the language of flowers, which suit these humble flowers

  • Easy to Grow★★★★★
  • Height at DeliveryAbout 15-20 cm
  • Scientific NameAster rugulosus
  • FamilyAsteraceae
  • Common NameSawa shirogiku
  • Flower ColorWhite to pale reddish purple
  • Flowering PeriodSeptember to November
  • Sun Exposure Full sun to partial shade
  • WaterDaily in abundance
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