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Galphimia glauca (Shower of gold, kin tora no o)

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Found in tropical regions.

Produces bright yellow flowers from summer to autumn. 

Has difficulty surviving winters outdoors except in warmer regions.

Requires an environment where the temperature is kept to a range of 10 to 13 °C during this part of the year.

  • 育てやすさ★★☆☆☆
  • お届け時の大きさ15〜20cm程度
  • 学名Galphimia glauca
  • キントラノオ科
  • 別名ゴールド・シャワー
  • 花色黄色
  • 花時期7~9月
  • 日照日向を好む
  • 毎日たっぷり
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