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Vaccinium macrocarpon (American cranberry, omi no tsurukokemomo)

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The American cranberry is an evergreen dwarf shrub native to North America. This plant produces larger berries than small cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccos or tsurukokemomo). It spreads light-brown, vine-like stems over the ground surface, which few branches. It is also known as the cranberry for its splendent, bright red fruit, which is used to make jams and juices. 


- Tips for growing American cranberry


American cranberry prefers full sun. It is important to choose a good location for the plant to ensure sufficient sunlight.


Avoid excessive moisture. A well-drained, acidic soil is suitable for the plant.  


Water regularly to keep the soil moist.  


In winter, take some measures to control the temperature to protect the plant from the cold.


American cranberry is an exquisite plant as it offers seasonal pleasure throughout the year, with new shoots in spring, lush foliage in summer, and brightly colored berries in fall and winter, as well as being a practical food plant. 

  • Easy to Grow★★★☆☆
  • Height at DeliveryAbout 15-20 cm
  • Scientific NameVaccinium macrocarpon
  • FamilyEricaceae
  • Common NameAmerican cranberry, cranberry, omi no tsurukokemomo
  • Flower ColorWhite
  • Flowering PeriodMay to July
  • Sun ExposurePartial shade
  • WaterDaily and in abundance
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