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Nandina domestica (Heavenly bamboo, Chinese sacred bamboo, sacred bamboo, nanten)

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An evergreen shrub of the family Berberidaceae.

In Japan, this species is planted in many gardens as a good luck charm that turns difficulty into good fortune (nan means “difficulty” and ten here means “turning something into good fortune”).

Produces white flowers in the rainy season (roughly between June and mid-July in Japan) and bears an abundance of red berries in winter.

  • 育てやすさ★★★★★
  • お届け時の大きさ15~20cm程度
  • 学名Nandina domestica
  • メギ科
  • 別名
  • 花色白色
  • 花時期6~7月
  • 日照日向・半日陰
  • 毎日たっぷり
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